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The Aim Is to Contribute to The National Economy

We contribute to Turkey’s economy with the dedication we show in foreign trade, which is our main goal. With more than 200 colleagues, we work for our country with faith and determination every day.

We Crossed the Borders in Foreign Trade

From the USA to Europe, from the Balkans to the Arabian Peninsula, from West Africa to the south of the Asian continent, we know no borders in foreign trade, we supply ammunition to more than 70 countries! We also supply ammunition to the military and police forces of 20 countries.

Our Ambition To Break New Ground

Since 1987, we aim to be the first in foreign trade activities as well as strengthening the Turkish economy. We are breaking new ground in foreign trade in the direction we aim, working with the aim of achieving the seemingly impossible, and expanding to the world.

High Morality, High Technology

We are committed to moral sensitivity, honesty and fairness in our commercial relations. We continue on our way by aiming at the principle of trust, respect and equality.

We are working with our knowledge and business sense by growing with a new development every day. In all our production works; Our most important principle is to act within a controllable and repairable system using high technology.




Turaç Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. is an international company engaged in the production and marketing of small arms ammunition (gun cartridges, hunting cartridges, rifle cartridges and sound cartridges) in the field of defense industry, especially in the hunting and shooting sector, in Turkey and the world.




Address: Anıt Street No: 8/5, 06570, Çankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY

Telephone: +90 312 212 7061
Fax: +90 312 212 7029

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